Frequently asked questions

  • Who should join CareerWinc?

Most of the visiting businesses and institutions want to hire candidates who are either in Final Year UG program or have graduated already. But you can still apply if you're in the 4th or 5th semester.

  • What are the minimum eligibility to join CareerWinc?
You must be studying or have completed at least one undergraduate program.
  • How many students will there be in total?

To maintain a healthy ratio of candidates, businesses, and counselors or experts, we have limited the number of seats. There are only 100 spots in total.

  • What COVID-related precautions are you taking?
The premises are sanitized every few hours. And we are undertaking all the guidelines and safety precautions as recommended by the authorities. Please wear a mask during your visit.
  • What happens after I make the payment?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you complete the payment process. However, it may take a little longer. Please allow at least 24 hours.

  • I had participated in YoungerHire 2020. Am I eligible for CareerWinc?

Yes, you are! In the past year, the dynamics have changed a lot. It is crucial to gain as much experience and skills as possible to advance in your career.

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